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Is SculpSure™ Fat-removing magic?

Is SculpSure™ Fat-removing magic?

Well yes, sort of. There is no easier way to reduce fat cells in particular areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. The treatment takes 25 minutes and there is absolutely no down-time. You go about your life and before you know it, your clothes are fitting better. You feel a little more comfortable with your shape. You glance at yourself every time you pass a mirror. You’re liking what you see. You want more.
The second treatment in the same area takes you even further. You have become adjusted to the new skin you are in but feel it could go a little further. And Voila! It does!
Sometimes, depending upon the area, folks may delve into a third treatment after a time, but on average it takes two. And for those that do the two…it really feels like magic!


What Summer Bodies Are Made Of

With today’s world living and breathing social media and people posting pics of nearly everything imaginable, one begins to wonder what is real or even possible. Naked (or partially naked) selfies have taken over by storm…showing the most recent fat loss or added curve. Were these people really born this way? How do you have all the right junk in all the right places?

Celebrities know that to be relevant in today’s market they need to be talked about; be on people’s minds. One way to do that is to be constantly changing your body into the next sexier version. As we have seen with the advent of the big booty, styles change, and some styles are even created by those that post the most. So how do you create these things without surgery and without photoshop?
Bigger Booty: Implants are out due to some horrendous complications that can leave one seriously disfigured. Fat transfer is still performed but the person has to have enough fat to harvest and there is considerable down time. Also retreatment may be necessary. Sculptra (Poly-L-Lactic acid) is a natural way to increase the size and create the desired shape (think lift? Rounded? Protruding? Need more hip?) by stimulating super collagen growth. Simple injections, followed by patient massage will perfect your posterior to your desired goal. More than one treatment may be needed but the treatments are quick and easy with no down time. Nothing like fat transfer.

Slimming pudgy areas: Targeted fat loss has been an issue since people learned to look at their own bodies (or others were looking for you). Common areas of concern are knee bulges, inner thighs, outer thighs, peri-trochanter (saddle bag) area, lower abdomen, and back and front bra fat. You really can’t exercise these areas into shape. For a while Cool-Sculpting was the only evidenced answer…it would destroy some of the fat in those areas. Problems with evenness and lumpiness have persisted however so it no longer is the main go-to treatment. Another fat-destroyer is SculpSure™, but this one is a laser that targets the fat down as far as 1.5cm. It destroys nearly 25% of the fat in that area, but has a 30 degree dispersion of energy to alleviate the shelving that appears with some other treatments. It is a great spot reducer.
For those tiny areas or even spottier areas, Kybella® may be the answer. This product is approved for submental (double chin) fat removal but it is now being used off-label in multiple areas. More than one treatment may be required for desired results but the treatment takes just a matter of minutes. It takes over 5 weeks to see results regardless of the fat reducing method because your lymph system will slowly carry the debris away, but the results are permanent.

Bye Bye Crepey Skin

Skin becomes crepey with age for a variety of reasons: buildup of extensive UV damage, dryness, aging, and we lose that precious but unappreciated (in youth) tiny layer of fat under the skin that keeps everything firm and smooth. The result is withering and puckering of the skin that takes on the effect of a continually deflating balloon.
There are many topical products that can help this situation…but only a little. Retinoids are the mainstay for keeping skin younger and healthy from the top down. New cells are produced faster and the entire skin is healthier. Problem is that it does not replace that little layer of fat that is forever gone. Even if one were to gain weight (don’t consider trying this at home) the fat would not return to that spot, just to other inconvenient areas.
One topical system can help however. Brand new research has determined that it is possible to wake up the stem cells congregated in the hair follicles. This produces new skin rather than rejuvenating older skin therefore there is no past damage to surface later. The new skin is young and healthy. There are 3 steps to this system called DEFENAGE®. This still does not replace the fat layer however.
There is an answer to this dilemma…placing a collagen stimulant under the skin to grow brand new collagen that is healthy, firm, and tightly wound will make the skin appear much like it did many years ago. Sculptra® is such a collagen stimulant, in fact the only one on the market. While it does have to be injected, the injections are nearly painless and can be done in as little as five minutes. You start to see new growth in approximately four weeks. The skin is stimulated to grow for well over 6 months but the majority of growth is seen in 3 months. A second treatment may be needed but nothing will bring back the beauty of youth like the new skin seen with Sculptra®.

SculpSure™ + Sculptra® = Body Perfection

The past few years have seen some pretty phenomenal changes in regards to redefining your body without surgery. As new uses develop for older products and new machines actually do reinvent a better wheel, perfection is within our grasp!
We all know diet and exercise are mandatory not just for a fit body but for a solid state of well being. However that only works on appearance so long…eventually there are pockets of fat that nothing seems to relieve and the skin, well, it just isn’t the same. Cellulite begins to consume the backside, the knees find wrinkles from who knows where, and everything begins to sag: first a little, then a lot.
The first truly effective fat removing device (permanently removing) was Coolsculpt™. This device cooled a chunk of fat down to a temperature that was incompatible with the living cell, thereby destroying it. The only problem is that not only was the treatment dreadfully long, but it removed fat in various areas leaving a “shelf” of fat surrounding the target area. If you did not like that shelf (I understand no one did) then you had to undergo another treatment targeted to that particular area. This proved costly for patients expecting a more even result.
The latest effective fat removing device does not grab the fat and suck it into a container to treat it but rather uses 4 flat pads that transmit laser energy that passes through the skin and targets the fat layer at a 1.5cm depth. The skin is kept cool by circulating refrigerated water at the surface of the pads. Because there is a 30% radius of relayed energy, the fat is removed in a smooth, even fashion. The reduction is a bit more than is seen with the Coolsculpt device.
So now, the only thing that remains is the sagging, crepey, dimpling skin. Sculptra® is an injectable collagen stimulant, not a filler. When placed superficially under the skin, your skin is stimulated to grow fresh, healthy, new, stronger skin that will once again take you back to years ago. Placed in strategic areas of concern, you will once again relive those youthful years when the word “crepe” was reserved only for a paper you put out for birthday parties and baby showers.  Find more about Sculptra by Clicking Here

Refyne & Defyne With Restylane

Introducing the Latest in the Ever-Growing Family of Restylane…

This past weekend I left my beautiful West Plam Beach for Dallas. I spent my time at the Galderma Headquarters getting to know the newest members of the Restylane family; Restylane Refyne® and Restylane Defyne®. While the Restylane family has been proven to be a fabulous dermal filler for decades, the addition of these products will not go unnoticed. Similar but with different crosslinking these two new gels are cohesive and extremely elastic, allowing for a continued smoothness even upon extreme facial animation. Think of a structure supported by a smooth but strong rubber band that stretches nicely but maintains it smoothness completely. Then it pulls back to its original soft form while obliterating lines and wrinkles. Its unique crosslinking leaves the product soft, smooth, and undetectable.
As we move along in life we lose the fine layers of fat directly beneath the skin. This fat covers a multitude of sins and makes the skin and face look flawless. As it dissipates the skin lies closer to the underlying muscles responsible for movement. That muscle begins to adhere to the skin making it resemble the muscle underneath, which is not terribly pretty. Restylane Refyne® or Defyne® can mimic the wonderful fat we used to have, once again making us look flawless!

How to Keep up With the Flying Time

Have you ever thought about something that you think you just did maybe two to three weeks ago and then find out that it was several months ago? In my case I will see a patient on my schedule and think “wow, I just saw them” and when I check the chart it turns out that it was over 6 months ago! What’s happening?
We are bombarded moment by moment by local events, information, schedules, family, and ever frightening world events. How we even manage to complete a day without disaster sometimes seems amazing.
Keeping Balanced
One of the most important things to do is to plan some non-negotiable time for reflection, meditation, Bible reading, or whatever grounds you. Without this time your day is reactionary rather than planned. Walking alone is a wonderful means to clear your head and prepare yourself for the upcoming assaults of the day. Making lists (and remembering to look at them) can also help to keep a sense of organization going, which can be calming throughout the day.
Because time is flying by so fast, we often forget about ourselves. In my world, I remind my patients to make sure that they stay on their skin care and have enough of the product on hand to not have to worry about running out. Since I only recommend evidence-based skin care, the products my patients use are actually keeping their skin not only beautiful but healthy. Apply it and forget it. In addition, keeping on a schedule to receive the little maintenance treatments such as BOTOX helps to prevent that feeling we get when we look in the mirror as if for the first time and say “what the heck happened?!”  Also remember, you’re not alone. The time is flying by for everyone. You can even ask your kids!

The Virgin Version – Be Fearless At Any Age

Not all virgins are young. There are many people (women and men) who begin to get annoyed with certain aspects of their appearance at any age. I have had some virgins in their 70s. One morning they just get up and think “wow, what happened?!?” Some mornings I think that myself. It’s like we are fine with how we look and suddenly the light is switched on.
Many of these virgins have avoided non-surgical cosmetic treatments out of fear: fear of pain; fear of looking like a ghoul; fear of looking like a drag queen; fear of needles near the face; fear of the unknown. Sometimes it is only after that enlightening moment when they actually see what has happened to their appearance that they can overcome the fear.
It is part of my expertise to help keep the fear away. A relaxed consult with all questions answered often relieves the stress of what is still the unknown. Knowing that pain is a rarity in my practice is also very helpful. Seeing many before and after photos of possible procedures further alleviates anxiety. Finally, a specifically prescribed regimen just for them assuages the remaining tension, which is then followed by the excitement felt after treatment when they look in the mirror.
And another panicky patient has joyfully lost her (or his) virginity (and their fear).

The Virgin Version – Botox

Every day I see a few patients who have never had a neuromodulator (such as BOTOX) or a dermal filler (like Restylane or Juvéderm). These lovely people are the virgins who have never stuck their toe in the beauty enhancement waters, much less gone for even a brief swim. There is often a great deal of anxiety and trepidation due to the great unknown (and the very scary over-done known walking around out there).Because every aesthetically unique soul starts out in this position, the fear is common and can be greatly reduced with a little help from some friends. This Blog is devoted to those patients who are quite nervous about getting their first aesthetic service.

(FIRST) Those constant cellphone pics!

Last week I saw a young girl (about 21, an adult yes, but in this realm a bit on the young side) sitting in my exam chair staring at the mirror she was holding in front of her. She was making face after face in order to reproduce a line she saw on a photo that was snapped before she had time to properly pose. Those incessant impromptu pics have done a lot of messing with peoples’ perceptions of their own looks. She was no exception. That vertical line that appeared between her eyebrows in the picture needs to never present itself again.

Discussion ensued about the cause of the line and what was available to treat it. The reason society in general takes exception to this line is that it delivers a negative connotation. It makes one look angry or severe, rather than just pensive. A neuromodulator (BOTOX or Dysport) would prevent the excessive and continuous movement from occurring so that the line would not form in the first place. Once that line has set in (after years of making the face) it takes some time, and maybe some filler to eradicate it. While she was a bit afraid of the BOTOX, she was more afraid of an unremitting relationship with that line. Once the 30 seconds it takes to deliver the BOTOX was over, she said “that’s it?!?” I assured her it was “it” and that in a few days she would look totally relaxed. Then she’ll start searching for people to take her picture.

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